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Vintage Weddings by Maggie Costello Civil Celebrant



  1. You Sign a Notice of Intended Marriage. Download here, print it and bring it to our first meeting.
    By law, you need to complete and give it to me one month before your wedding day.
  1. We have our First Meeting and talk about all the wonderful ways you can choose to celebrate your big day.
    I have plenty of ceremonies and wedding ideas for you to choose from, or I can help you write your own.
  1. You take away a Questionnaire. It asks you to consider all the parts of the ceremony you might not have
    otherwise thought of and makes sure everything is considered for a ceremony.
  1. I design your Ceremony and draft a written version and send to you for approval.
    We then talk about ways to make it exactly what you want and together we craft it until its perfect.
  1. Optional – Rehearsal time. We can meet at the place you intend to marry or at your home.
    We gather together all the key people and make sure everyone is happy and well briefed on what to do.
  1. The Big Day! On the day of the wedding I meet the groom at the celebration location and help calm his nerves!
    When the guests and bride arrive, it’s time to enjoy the ceremony and take your vows.
  1. The Ceremony. Rings and vows have been exchanged, bride and groom have kissed. Just one more thing to do.
    You and your chosen witnesses sign the register, making everything official. I bid you farewell, take the official paperwork
    and register it. You’re married!
  1. Your Wedding Certificate needs to be ordered from the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages, and only you can do it.
    Order it here and it will arrive in your mailbox around two weeks later.