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Renewing My Wedding VowsAre you planning a Renewal of Your Wedding Vows?

It’s a wonderful way to celebrate and reaffirm that connection you have with your soul mate. You’ve weathered the tough years and enjoyed the good years, and now it’s time to celebrate! Whether you are commemorating a big anniversary or want that dream wedding you didn’t get the first time around, a marriage vow renewal ceremony is a lovely event for couples and their loved ones.


Here are 7 ways to make your Vow Renewals as Special as your Relationship:

  1. Let your Kids in on the Fun
    If your kids are still young, why not include them on their parents’ celebration? They can get ready alongside you, dress in mini versions of what you’re wearing, and walk out next to you. They could even add their own input on your wedding vows of why they love mom and dad. Things like “I love the way mom reads me stories and dad always comes in to listen” to “We love having you as our parents” will be endearing for all to hear.
  1. Have Fun With Creative Wording
    There are many ways to explain what’s happening at your marriage vow renewal, but some ways are simply adorable. Include them on the invitations, signposts directing guests where the ceremony is taking place, and in decorations at the event.

A Poem: “Loved you then, Love you still, Always have, Always will”
A Short Rhyme: “I Do, Take 2”
A Statement: “I *Still* Do,” “I Choose You…All Over Again”


  1. Let the Original Maid of Honor and Best Man Host the Ceremony
    There’s a reason you picked them to stand up next to you for your wedding. They were there at the beginning, and they’ve been there through it all. Now let them host your renewal of wedding vows! They can choose the theme and location, and everyone will be partying before long. If they’re unable to, you could have another close friend act as host.
  1. Incorporate Elements From Your Original Wedding in Your Renewal of Wedding Vows
    Some traditions (like tossing the garter) are safely left out, but you can choose which ones you’d like to include when renewing your vows. You may want to say your original vows, and you can always add to them. A special touch is to do another first dance, dancing to your original wedding song, which adds a vintage feel to the party. Maybe you want another chance at wearing your wedding tux or gown, or you loved the place you originally said your vows. It’s up to you!
  1. Take the Perfect Shots, and Show the Old Ones Too
    Have a photographer on hand to capture this special day. You could get a shot of the whole family holding up a pennant in front of them that says “Just Married Again.” One touching idea is for you and your spouse to hold a sign saying “Renewed” or “Still Her Mr” and “Still His Mrs.” Don’t forget to bring your original wedding album so guests can look at the lovely couple when you first exchanged vows.
  1. Make a Timeline of Your Life as a Couple
    This could be in the form of signs at your celebration, cards at tables, or as a photo aisle runner. Either way, you’ll get to highlight all of the moments that have strengthened your bond over the years. You and your guests will get to reminisce on the many events that have happened during your time as a couple. Guests could also add their own moments and memories to your timeline as special and often humorous keepsakes.
  1. Go on a Second Honeymoon
    After the fun of the renewal of wedding vows is over, that doesn’t mean your celebration has to be. Although a lot of things will be different from your first marriage vow ceremony, this one can be kept! Treat you and your honey to a second honeymoon after the perfect renewal ceremony, and savor those sweet alone moments once again before resuming that wonderful life you’ve built back home. If you don’t have time for a full second honeymoon, go on mini ‘moon for a quick getaway.

Congratulations on making it this far, and choosing to celebrate that fact. You meant it when you said your marriage vows originally, and you mean it even more now. Whatever you decide to do when you perform a renewal of wedding vows, enjoy it – you deserve to!