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Commitment Ceremony

Commitment Ceremony

Commitment Ceremonies are a special celebration of the spiritual, emotional and practical joining of same-sex and other devoted couples.

Celebrate with family and friends, and feel surrounded with love and recognition, as you promise to share your deep love and a committed future together with your special partner.

The Commitment Ceremony is generally but not exclusively for a couple unable to marry under the law. Until same-sex marriage is legalised in Australia, Commitment Ceremonies are a popular alternative to gay marriage or a civil union. While not
legally binding, Commitment Ceremony Rings Casuarinaa Commitment Ceremony can be almost identical to a traditional wedding ceremony in every other way. Some wording is a little different, but the sentiment and commitment is the same, including the vows. As an authorised Marriage Celebrant I am required to make a statement outlining the legal position of the Marriage Act. There are no rules for commitment ceremonies, if you would like a ritual or Unity Ceremony“ included, Maggie is happy to oblige.
Your ceremony can be designed to suit you exactly.


Why use a Civil Celebrant?

Maggie is a professional civil celebrant and a supporter of marriage equality. The most important aspect is that couples are loving, respectful and committed in their relationship. Maggie looks forward to the day when all people are recognized equally under Australian Law.

Maggie will guide you step-by-step through the ceremony planning process. She will make the process simple, straightforward and relaxed. Maggie will provide you with a specially selected portfolio of ceremony styles, readings, promises and rituals to help you to decide on the perfect structure and length of ceremony. You will also receive a signed Commitment Certificate and a decorative presentation copy of the ceremony.

Maggie’s role is to create a romantic and meaningful
celebration that captures your unique essence
Commitment Ceremony Casuarina
as a couple. Maggie will meet with you to talk over what you want from the day. She will encourage you to bring your ideas, your love and your commitment together, in order to create your ideal commitment ceremony. Maggie will take the time to personalise your ceremony with words and stories that are special and reflective of you as a couple. It is Maggie’s desire to get all whom are attending, truly connected with their hearts and yours. She will harness
and promote an atmosphere of love and commitment.

Relax and enjoy your special day, knowing your Commitment Ceremony will run smoothly
and professionally.

Commitment Ceremonies are often conducted in a home, restaurant or associated venue, however parks and beaches are a popular choice. Please note that such locations do require council approval and associated links can be found per location on my wedding pages.


Maggie’s 5 Star Package Includes:

  • Personal, Relaxed and Attentive Celebrant Care
  • A Ceremony tailor designed to your Unique Essence as a Couple
  • Assistance with Vow Preparation and Readings
  • A Ceremony Rehearsal
  • A Professionally bound copy of your Commitment Ceremony


Civil Celebrant Maggie Costello is based in Casuarina in Northern NSW.
All ceremonies can be organised via appointment or remotely via phone and email.

She conducts Naming Days across the wider local region including:
Byron Bay, Casuarina, Kingscliff, Murwillumbah, Tweed Heads and Gold Coast.


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